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LED Lighting Australia
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Our Company

Lightsense Australia is a high quality dedicated commercial LED lighting supplier to the
Australian marketplace.

We were established on the simple premise that LED technology is the only viable option in the face of environmental sustainability.

Lightsense offers an established range of commercial LED lighting products that have been specially developed and approved to meet Australian conditions and standards. 

LED Lighting Company
Our History

As an Australian family owned and operated company established in 2007, we are one of the first LED Lighting Company’s of its type throughout Australia.

This first mover advantage has given Lightsense the necessary skills and proven track record to assist in the Design and Supply of a wide range of commercial LED lighting projects.

Lightsense represents low energy, long life, minimalist design LED lighting for a cleaner and brighter future in the commercial environment.


Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto

Argyle Diamond Mine

Replaced 150W HPS Pole Top Lights with 75W  LED

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