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LED Lighting Australia
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in looking after our people and providing them with a great place to work. We prioritise the ongoing personal developments of each of our colleagues and are proud to operate a workplace which promotes equality and diversity.

Lightsense Australia

Approach and Ambitions

Lightsense is committed to conducting its business ethically and contributing to sustainable development.

Lightsense Australia


We are focused on providing a safe, secure and healthy working environment whilst stimulating diversity, local involvement and personal development of our people.

Lightsense Australia


We strive to support the environment by contributing to the renewables market and by the environmental impact of our operations.

Lightsense Australia


We contribute directly or indirectly to the general well-being of the communities within which we work.

Lightsense Australia


We firmly believe that accidents can be prevented by adhering to safe work practices.

Ian Macpherson – Director
Duncan Macpherson - Director


Lightsense encourages our customers to dispose of unwanted lights in the correct manner.

CMA Ecocycle can recycle all your lighting waste. They are Australasia’s largest full service lamp recycler, providing tailored solutions to help recycle lighting & electrical waste.



Dandenong Factory

Installed Lightsense 180W Artemis LED High-Bay Lights at their Dandenong factory.

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