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Dandenong Factory

Installed Lightsense 180W Artemis LED High-Bay Lights at their Dandenong factory.

Bombardier recognised that their existing 400W Metal Halide Fittings were not only energy inefficient, but were very costly to maintain, given the relatively short lifespan of the lamps and the height and positioning of the fixtures making changing broken lamps a challenge.

Lightsense was able to pride a solution in the energy efficient 180W Artemis LED High-Bay Light, which has a long lifespan of 50,000hrs and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Due to the defined directional beam angle of the LED, Lightsense was able to create a photometric design for Bombardier that replaced Groups of three Metal Halide totalling consumption over 1400W with Groups of two LED’s with a total consumption of less than 400W whilst giving a greater light output.

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We have consulted on a wide range of commercial lighting projects including a great number of Solar and LED Lighting solutions Australia wide.

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Lightsense encourages our customers to dispose of unwanted lights in the correct manner.

CMA Ecocycle can recycle all your lighting waste. They are Australasia's largest full service lamp recycler, providing tailored solutions to help recycle lighting & electrical waste.