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Department of Defence

Department of Defence

HMAS Stirling

Replaced 250W HID Streetlights with 110W LED on Garden Island WA.

Existing 250W HID streetlights were not only energy inefficient, but were costing the Commonwealth $80,000 annually in ad-hoc repairs.

A study performed by the defence support group confirmed significant environmental, financial, technical and social benefits of Lightsense’s LED Street Light Luminaires over standard HID Lighting.

As a result over 800 HID streetlights have been replaced with Lightsense LED streetlights on the island over the past three years.

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We have consulted on a wide range of commercial lighting projects including a great number of Solar and LED Lighting solutions Australia wide.

If you require assistance with your commercial LED lighting project, please contact us.

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Lightsense encourages our customers to dispose of unwanted lights in the correct manner.

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