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LED Lighting Australia
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The Benefits
of LED

An energy efficient and long lasting solution

LED produces light in a very energy-efficient manner, drastically reducing your electricity bill and Carbon cost.


LED’s have a very long lifespan, meaning lamps and luminaires are replaced far less often, saving on both the replacement cost of the item and the maintenance cost of installation.


LED’s are very durable, with a very high vandal and vibration tolerance, saving you further maintenance costs from breakages.


LED lights produce less heat, leading to potential savings in Air-conditioning costs.

LED lighting
A Better Choice

The environmental, low emissions choice

Being an energy efficient form of lighting, LED emits less CO2 than other forms of lighting.

LED Lamps and Luminaires contain no Toxic Mercury, Lead or other hazardous materials.

LED lights do not emit UV Light, not only is this beneficial for people, it also means they will not attract insects.

With a defined beam angle and no upward waste light, LED allows for greater control of obtrusive light.

LED’s have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI), showing truer colours and allowing for greater security.

LED’s are non-flicker, preventing possible health side effects such as headaches.

Most of the materials used to produce a Lightsense luminaire are fully recyclable.

Department of Defence

Department of Defence

HMAS Stirling

Replaced 250W HID Streetlights with 110W LED on Garden Island WA.

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